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Bourgogne Aujourd'hui Octobre 2010
Saint Aubin 1er Cru Clos de la Chatenière 2008 : 16.5/20 : Vin Exceptionnel

Saint Aubin 1er Cru Les Frionnes 2008 : 15.5/20  Vin Exceptionnel
Puligny Montracet Les Tremblots 2008 : 15.5 / 20  Vin Exceptionnel
Saint Aubin 1er Cru Derrière Chez Edouard rouge vv 2008 : 14.5/20 : Très bon vin  July 2010
Allen Meadows'

Bourgogne Aujourd'hui juin 2010
Millésime 2009 : 100 % plaisir

RVF Avril 2010
Les 80 Meilleurs grands Blancs de Bourgoggne
Criots Batard Montrachet 2007 18.5 / 20

RVF jui 2010
Les primeurs 2009
Les réussites Exceptionnelles

The Burgundy Briefing news, views and tastings Sarah Marsh MW

village with some appealing straight minerality under the fruit. A very nice balance of fruit and minerality. When it has gone through MLF the streamlined character should be even more apparent and energetic. Lovely village wine. Very Good. From late 2011

Chassagne-Montrachet, Les Macherelles

The fermentation has not quite finished. MLF not started.

Very grapefruity. This has a lower note. It has breadth, some good density and volume. The acidity sits well in the wine; it will be nicely rounded and soft when the MLF has gone through. It has some soft graphite mineral on the finish, but overall a full and fruit-driven wine with some weight, which carries to the finish. Potentially Particularly Good(+). From 2011/12

Saint-Aubin, Clos De Meix

Sweet on the aroma with a juicy, silky, curvy middle palate. It has a sunny-fruit profile, but is nicely contained. The acidity is sweet and sits gently in the wine. An easy and expressive wine with touch of honey on the finish. Good+. From late 2010/11

*Saint-Aubin, Derrière Chez Edouard

Spot of reduction. The MLF has just finished

Compact and reticent. Quite a tight, shaley, dense palate. This has good focus. The minerality accentuates the acidity, which gives it cutting depth and good definition. Firm chalky minerality is nicely layered and compact on the finish. Particularly Good+. From 2011/12

Saint-Aubin, Les Frionnes

When Oliver took his samples of this vineyard he discovered that it was not Marl Blanche as he had expected, but small pebbly rocks. Mainly older vines of 50 years, some younger 15 year old.

Exotic floral character. Quite golden. Rich on the attack with juicy acidity set into the fruit. Nicely rounded in the middle palate, but then it focuses to become slightly smoothly mineral on the finish. Very good. From 2011

Saint-Aubin, En Remilly

This sample of En Remilly finished MLF in March.

Quite battened down on the compact, cool, stone aroma. Quite discreet on the attack, but gains in depth, intensity and vigour. Firm and compact on the finish. Channelled and well edged. Not a nervous En Remilly, rather more assured. Particularly Good. From 2011

Saint-Aubin, Clos De La Chatenière

The final blend will be 30%. "I have 30 barriques only 5 finished, so there is more new oak on the sample than on the final blend."

Quite glossy on the aroma. Expressive. Deep and juicy fruit on the front of the palate, then it clamps down. The new oak at the end of the palate makes it somewhat aggressive, but the ripe fruit is evident in the middle of the palate, and the smooth stone minerality comes through the oak on the finish. Probably particularly good. From 2012.

Saint-Aubin, Murgers Des Dents De Chien

Sugar finished and the MLF has not yet started.

Satin on the attack with lightly golden fruit. The minerality and piercing citrus fruit come though in the middle palate. It is sleek, energetic and vibrant. An elegant wine with cool and shimmering minerality on the finish. Particularly good+. from 2011/12


The MLF is 30% through. One barrel and it is older oak.

Estery, high mineral aroma. This quivers. Good tension in the middle palate. Bright and very elegant. It has a persistent high-wire finish. It is not the most profound, but has a lovely, long, light mineral line. Fine. From 2012/13

*Saint-Aubin, Derrière Chez Edouard, Haute Densité

This is the high density. Olivier started high density planting in 2000. "14,000 vines per hectare was the traditional density, not the 10,000 we work with now in Burgundy. People originally planted at 28,000, then after phylloxera at 14,000 and then after the war at 10,000 as this is easier to work with a tractor." The MLF is at 30%. One large 350 litre and one older barrique.

Very estery and some gas, but you can see the vigour, depth and intensity. Very assertive with a cold, channelled mineral finish. It is austere and pure; almost like sucking on stones. Very terroir driven. Fine. From 2012

UK: Berry Bros: Lay and Wheeler; Domaine Direct; Genesis Wines; Lea and Sandeman; H&H Bancroft
USA: Le Serbet

Decanter avril 2010
Saint Aubin 1er Cru En Remilly 2008 **** 17 Top Value Choice of the Week

Suggestion from February 24 2010
Wine: 2006 St. Aubin "Clos de la Chatenière"
Producer: Domaine Hubert et Olivier Lamy
Comment: Subtle reduction mildly detracts from the otherwise airy and fresh white flower and anise-suffused nose where the spice component is picked up by the rich, full and naturally sweet flavors that possess good volume for a St. Aubin 1er while delivering an impressively vibrant finish, indeed this finishes with real pop. Recommended.

Cave prestige 2010
Le bureau Interprofessionnel Des Vins De Bourgognes a sélectionné pour sa cave Prestiges deux vins du Domaine Hubert LAMY :
Santenay Clos des Hates 2008
Saint Aubin 1er Cru Les Castets 2008

Neal Martin Wine Journal
Novembre 2008

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